🐊Cheeks or Body Rolls can be used for this dish.


• 1 cup of snow pea pods
• 1 1/4 cup finely chopped green onion
• 500g croc cheeks chopped
• 1 tbsp basil finely chopped
• 3 large cloves garlic crushed
• 1x jalapeno pepper thinly sliced
• 2x tbsp ginger
• 1 zest from 1x large lime
• 1 lime cut into wedges
• 1 tbsp fresh mint
• 1 cup red bel peper
• 2 cup sweet potato 
• 1 sachet (50g) Korma paste (We ♡ Woolies)
• 1 tbsp fresh Cilantro
• 1 can coconut cream
• 2 tbsp lime juice
• 100 ml water OR Chicken stock 
• 3 tsp Red chilli paste, roasted
• Salt & Pepper
• 2 tbsp Olive Oil


🏻 Heat oil in slow cooker 

🏻Lightly salt & pepper croc meat and sauté

🏻 Fry 10-15 min and set aside

🏻 In same cooker add butter and olive oil cook 
together: sweet potato, green onions, red bell pepper and snow peas.

🏻 Add garlic and ginger

🏻 Add stock & stir

🏻 Remove 1/4 cup of liquid to small bowl and whisk in red chilli paste then add to slow cooker.

🏻 Shred cookes croc and add to low cooker.

🏻 Stir in Coconut cream and simmer until heated throughly.

🏻Add lime juice, lime zest, cilantro, basil, mint, and 1/4 cup of green onions.

🏻Serve with lime wedges and fresh mint.

🍴Serves 3 - 4 

⚠️ IMPORTANT: It is important to purchase croc meat from a trusted supplier!! We source our croc meat from a licenced Abattoir who complies international health, hygiene and export standards. 

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